Your Information
Your Affidavit
Between 2015 and 2017, I was a customer of Great American Power LLC.
During this time period, I purchased electricity from Great American Power LLC.
The reason why during this time period, my mailing address was different from the service address on this account is:
Service address is vacation/second home
R R Box # assigned by the Post Office
P.O. Box for personal mail
Customer pays all bills from his/her office using personal funds
Invoice paid by bank, estate, or attorney because customer is disabled or incompetent
Please specify:

During this time period, my use of said electricity was for:
Solely residential use
Solely commercial use
A combination of residential and commercial use
According to the following annualized percentage:
% residential use
% commercial use
My commercial use of electricity was in support of the following business:
Pursuant to 72 P.S. § 7204(5) and 61 Pa. Code § 32.25, I am claiming an exemption from sales tax for my residential use of electricity provided by Great American Power LLC.